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Video is a powerful medium for storytelling because it allows you to engage multiple senses and create a more immersive experience for the viewer. 


I believe the best stories can be captured on video. Let’s make beautiful stories together.

With video, you can use visual elements like imagery and graphics, as well as audio elements like music and dialogue, to bring your story to life. Additionally, video allows you to show rather than tell, which can be particularly effective for conveying complex ideas or emotions.

Overall, video is a versatile and effective way to tell a great story, whether it’s a personal narrative, a documentary, or a fictional story.

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Video planning, scripts, shooting, editing, animation, and social publishing and amplification.

Interview Style Video and Editing

Interview Videos — For thought leader interviewing other thought leaders. A good interview should follow a set of guidelines like a blog, but feel unscripted. Add branded logo and lower thirds.

Screencast video, branded, and editing

One of the simplest ways to create a video is to develop a Screencast video. Recording of voice and presentation demo or walk through. Add branded logo and lower thirds.

Video Blogs

Video Blogs are a cheap way to produce, personality-driven, and sheer entertainment. You can shoot a 5-minute blog in front of a webcam with a one-page outline and come off as a real human instead of a brand ambassador.

Culture Video

The culture behind the brand is the secret that whets employee appetites and perks up boarded, disenchanted consumers. Culture videos can introduce a slice of life employees interview, game days in the office, pranks, birthday parties.

Webinar Video

High-value, low-cost endeavors that require no script or actors. Google+ is so popular because Hangout functionality, which allows multiple people to see each other in real-time. There are many other networks to display webinars.

Event Videos

One step up from a webinar is an event video. Covers proceedings of corporate events in a polished — and shareable — fashion.

Presentation Videos

TED talks – short and powerful talks create a compelling and shareable story.

Tutorial Videos

You could focus on producing more helpful product tutorials — by offering small business smart ways they can take advantage of the assets they already own to meet their pain points: up-sell customers, save money, and increase profits.

Product Video and Reviews 

When an audience trusts you, you are reinforcing the product they know and love.


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